What’s the relocation timeline the first few days after a job offer has been accepted?


What’s the relocation timeline the first few days after a job offer has been accepted?

A successful relocation process starts as soon as a job offer is accepted. Client Relations Manager Kyle Werremeyer looks at what needs to be done in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, I’m Kyle Werremeyer Client Relations Manager at Plus Relocation.  Today we are going to talk a little bit about setting expectations and the timeframe for your relocating employee after they sign their offer letter.

Day 1: The Relocation Initiation. Upon your relocating employee’s acceptance of their new role, the hiring manager will send all that information to your corporate relocation team.  Your corporate team will put everything together, make sure all the information is correct and send an initiation to the relocation management company.  The relocation management company will put everything together, setup a file, and reach out to your relocating employee within one business day or about eight hours.

Day 2: The Initiation Call.  The first piece of important communication your relocating employee will receive will be an email from the relocation company.  That email will be used to set up the initiation call.  During the initiation call, the employee and the relocation counselor will do a needs assessment to talk about who’s moving, what times and days are important. They will talk about the benefits and how they can be used and applied, and they’ll talk about the vendors – who’s the household goods provider, maybe who the realtor is.

Day 3: Communication from the Vendors.  The relocation company will make all arrangements for the vendors to reach out to your relocating employee.  The relocating employee and the vendors will take time to speak about the services that are going to be provided and the times and dates that those services are going to be needed.  All of these calls should happen within just a few days after the initiation call.

Hopefully this helps you understand what happens next after your relocating employee has accepted their job offer.  Thanks for watching.”

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