How It Works

A mobility platform that’s worthy of your employees.
And your ambition.

Point C is a breakthrough mobility benefits platform that gives employees nearly infinite choices in designing their relocation experiences.

Using the same app-based behaviors that power our lives as consumers, Point C infuses more convenience and value into the employee experience — by allowing employees to choose only the services and benefits they need. While keeping your budget exactly where you’ve set it…or even lower.

Makes mobility dollars work as hard as you do.

When you put Point C to work for your org, you unlock human capital technology that moves you beyond the limits of today’s relocation policies.

Your people create their own personalized relo experiences, with more benefits than traditional programs allow. So employees are more satisfied, make fewer requests, and don’t need any policy workarounds.

That means the end of costly exceptions, cash outs, or complex estimates. And the start of transforming your mobility program into mobility perfection.

Your employer brand,
visible and victorious.

With Point C at the heart of your candidates’ relocation experience, your mobility policy comes out of hiding and moves into the limelight as an employer differentiator.

Candidates enjoy personal control and see remarkable value from the very start — even pre-hire, during the recruitment process. So you create strong, immediate preference among the most in-demand talent. And they start on day one knowing your org makes good on its promises.

This is Point C at work throughout your company: Top candidates hired more quickly. Recruiters equipped more powerfully. Hiring managers freed for other priorities. And mobility leaders made into heroes.

Your DE&I efforts,
advanced and enhanced.

Point C is designed to meet any personal employee need — with a robust benefit suite that perfectly serves everyone in the org, from the CEO to the newest recruit.

Tech-enabled relocation choices

provide your people with even the most unusual and non-traditional policy benefits.

Higher employee CSATs

saves employees from the discomfort of disclosing personal information.

Personal care

assures constant support from employees' prep and planning all the way through powering up and settling in.

This is our value and our promise to every one of our client partners. And today, this commitment takes tangible shape in the mold-breaking technology that is Point C.

Create the experience that’s
worthy of them. And of you.

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