What exactly are destination services?


What exactly are destination services?

What all is included when someone references “destination services?” Pascal Cheung, client services director for Plus in Hong Kong, takes a look in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, my name is Pascal Cheung. I am the client services manager of Plus Hong Kong. I’m here to answer the question, ‘What are destination services?’ Destination services can be split into four main categories and all services are provided by a consultant with local expertise and knowledge.

So the first one is area orientation. Area orientations provide a better understanding to the employee and their family of the local area. The consultant will ensure that the employee has a better understanding of the local landscape. For example, where the office is located, where the supermarkets are, the home and school locations, and also even where the hospitals are located. Area orientations often are taken during the previous trip prior to the school and home search.

The second now will be home finding. After housing criteria and budgets are established the destination company will scour the rental market according to the employee’s requirements and do a rental property tour with the family as well as the employee. They will not only negotiate the lease but also assist with any legal documentation as well as the process of handing over the key.

The third is settling-in services. The settling-in services help the employee settle into the new community. This service includes applying for a social security number, opening a bank account, setting up utilities such as gas, electricity and water, as well as applying for a driver’s license.

Four, the school search. School search assists the employee with evaluating the local school options and making the best selections. This also includes applications, as well as visits and orientations.

Now you have a better understanding of the term “destination services.” This kind of service and support is extremely valuable for employees relocating internationally or going on across border assignments. Thank you for watching.”

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