Employee Journeys

Opening paths
to success. Theirs
and yours.

When Plus Relocation began planning and delivering our renowned global services, we set ourselves what seemed an impossible goal:

To understand employees as distinct individuals, each with their own ambitions

To anticipate and prepare
for specific needs, amid
countless variables

To create perfect relo experiences, no matter the seniority or circumstances

Solving for these daunting challenges led us to invest in unprecedented research among over 2,000 employees around the world — and it uncovered deep insights into every stage of the relocation journey.

Today, we apply design thinking methodologies to those findings: Ideating, rapid prototyping, testing, and refining innovative solutions to meet the most complex needs in mobility management. For employees in companies of every size, in every industry.


The result is nothing short of a breakthrough approach to employee care.

Unrivaled by any Plus competitor,
this keystone formula is a powerful
catalyst in unlocking the most successful
relocation programs anywhere today:


employee-driven experiences not dictated by one-size-fits-all policy.


DE&I advancement that improves recruitment and creates a sense of shared purpose.


benefit options that meet the specific needs of specific employees.


employee decision-making that breaks the boundaries of static cookie-cutter programs.

This is the employee journey, perfected. And this is your mobility program, elevated. With Plus Relocation.

Individual journeys that lead
to maximized outcomes.

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