Elo Assist

How to make your
lump sums do more.
And mean more.

Elo Assist was devised specifically for employees
who receive a lump sum.

And who need a special caliber of support, convenience, and assurance in managing those resources.

Their moves, organized and simplified. Their stress, relieved. Their focus and productivity, sustained.
Elo Assist delivers these critical benefits, and more, even when you can’t offer these employees a fully managed relocation package.

Engineered for ease.

Built on the robust Salesforce platform, Elo Assist is a self-service solution that provides lump sum employees with the most comprehensive level of support available anywhere. With unparalleled ease and personalized attention.

All-in-one dashboards with full information & services

Lump sum payment requests, tracking, estimating & submitting

Services start-up for lodging, airfare, goods & more

Customized address books with every service provider

reminders & more

New location information, resources, tips & tools

Created for your lump sum population. Powered by advanced technology. Delivered by the most trusted name in worldwide relocation for a half-century. This is Elo Assist smartly at work — for you and for your employees.

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