Point C Jumpstart

How early-career employees start smarter.

Designed expressly for
interns and new grads.

Point C Jumpstart creates an elevated and welcoming experience for early career employees.

Informed by deep research among companies of every size and industry — and built on the innovative Point C platform — Point C Jumpstart serves as a seamless bridge between recruitment and onboarding. To these young staffers, it gives access
to curated information, advice, resources, and benefits. And for HR and mobility teams, it drains time-consuming manual work out of the usual process.

Customized to capture the best talent.

For new grads and employers alike,
Point C Jumpstart is a revolutionary synthesis of features and functionality — combining smooth mobility management with a welcoming onboarding experience. In a self-serve model that’s appealing and familiar to today’s intern and entry-level employees.

Content and features are fully customized to meet your program, policy, and population needs, both internally and externally.

And meanwhile, your company brand, culture, and values are infused throughout the employee experience. Which gives you a distinct differentiator, and sharp advantage, in the battle for promising talent.

Allowance, stipend, and reimbursement processing

Lodging resources and roommate matching

Intern-specific discounts and offers

Easy integrations with HRIS systems

And more

Your early-career hires, gathered and guided.

Because it’s engineered to meet the needs and behaviors specific to them, Point C Jumpstart ushers interns and entry-level workers along their journeys in helpful, thoughtful steps.

They’ll be met with curated information that’s relevant and useful in their early adulting: What to expect during their internship. Advice and tools on creating and managing a budget. Guidance in navigating furnished, semi-, and unfurnished lodging. Resources, discounts, and offers on shipping, storage, utilities set-up, car rental, and more.

This is Point C Jumpstart in action: Casting the perfect first impression among your hard-won new recruits. And infusing streamlined ease and simplicity into your mobility management.

Make a first-class impression
on first-rate interns.

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