Added care and attention. With zero added resources.

Point C Go is the long-sought answer to “How.”

  • How to offer meaningful relocation benefits to any employee whether they choose to move down the street or across the country.
  • How to provide assistance and value with zero budget increase.
  • How to gain a recruiting edge among high-demand talent.

Developed to open a great experience for every mobility population, Point C Go helps employees who move on their own ease stress, eliminate distractions, and stay engaged and productive. All without adding any expense or staff to your HR or mobility teams.

Easy-to-use tools.
Easy-to-love outcomes.

Trusted, elite suppliers

to help them through the process.

Discounts and offers

they won't find elsewhere.

Guidance and resources

that de-complicate their moves.

Point C Go categorizes your employees’ moves into manageable, understandable phases — to help them plan their moves smartly and more confidently — in an easy-to-use online portal.

How to put more on offer. Without more work.

With Point C Go, tight budgets no longer prevent you from offering meaningful mobility benefits to every employee.

You offer support and expand your relocation reach to a new population. You widen your appeal among in-demand recruits. You boost your talent retention and satisfaction. And all while leaving your budget untouched, and your team unburdened.

This is Point C Go in action: Helping all employees save time and money with discounts, offers, and advice. And helping you bring more to the table, and to your organization.

How relocation self-empowerment
is made excellent.

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