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November 7, 2023 • Past Webinars

Plus Spotlight: Corporate Housing Trends with Synergy

originally held November 7, 2023 In this webinar, we discuss the latest hot topics and trends in corporate housing with Jack Jensky, Co-Founder of Synergy. Together, we dive into the unique challenges of availability and pricing for temporary housing needs around the world. Jack also focuses on some unique locations and shares how mobility programs […]

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Global Mobility and Neurodiverse Talent

For some time now, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have been hot topics within companies and mobility programs are often a huge part of supporting diverse hiring and talent management. However, in this article from Fast Company, “I came out as autistic at work. Here’s what happened“, Krysta Johnson, a Lexion employee, shares her story […]

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Mortgage Rates

Peak Unaffordability is Impacting Relocation

During the pandemic, we heard the word “unprecedented” an unprecedented number of times. These days, the term has started resurfacing — in the real estate world. The question relocating employees ask at the beginning of their relocation process is often “Will I buy a new home or rent one?” which may have to be slightly […]

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