What security issues should I think about with international relocations?


What security issues should I think about with international relocations?

The safety of your relocating employees should not be taken lightly. Senior Global Mobility Counselor Orsi Sogor offers some best practices.


Complete transcript: “Hello, I’m Orsi Sogor, a senior relocation counselor at Plus’s London office.  Today I am going to answer the question, ‘What security issues should I be thinking about when relocating an employee internationally?’

First of all, security issues should be taken into consideration when selecting a candidate for international assignments.  It is important to fully understand the destination location in order to identify that a particular candidate will be exposed to any danger related to their gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.  Also, for some countries it’s not advisable for the family members to accompany the assignee.  It is important that potential candidates understand the risk they take when moving to certain countries.  Many companies provide their candidates with a security briefing.

There are many different resources you can leverage when determining the risk and safety for your travelers,  such as destination companies who are on-the-ground local experts, governmental websites, travel websites, or insurance or emergency evacuation partners such as International SOS, MEDEX, or AIG Travel Guard.  In case your company does not have procedures in place for emergency situations such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or a potential coup or civil war, please talk to a relocation professional for assistance and advice.

Once the candidate is selected make sure that they and any accompanying family members are familiar with the company’s emergency procedures, are registered with their embassies, and have access to emergency contacts so they can act quickly if and when necessary.  In case of an emergency it is important to have all of your employees and their accompanying family members accounted for.  This not only means having their up-to-date contact information but also keeping track of their travel schedule.

While we hope these precautions never have to be utilized, please keep these things in mind when relocating employees so employees and their families can be kept healthy and safe.  Thank you for watching!”

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