What can I do to make moving easier during peak season?

What can I do to make moving easier during peak season?

Plus’s Supplier Relations Manager, Tracy Schwichtenberg, gives four tips you need to know to successfully manage peak season moves.


Complete transcript: “Hi, I’m Tracy Schwichtenberg, Supplier Relations Manager for Plus.  My question today is, ‘Can you give me a few tips to help me survive peak season?’

Peak season is that crazy-busy time of the year when everyone wants to move.  We see about sixty to seventy percent of household good moves occur during peak season.  Traditionally we start to see that volume increase greatly in May and then we start to see it decrease a little bit starting in September.

Let’s talk about four tips to help ensure a successful household good move during peak season.  First, send your initiations as quickly as possible.  To ensure preferred dates and quality service we need as much lead time as you can give us.  Second, the best time to move is mid month.  So avoid moving in that first week and last week of the month as those are really heavy times for household good moving.  Also, be smart when you are planning your dates.  Do not plan to travel the same day as moving services and avoid moving into your new residence on closing day.

So remember, send initiations as quickly as possible, the best time to move is mid-month, do not travel on moving services days, and avoid moving in on closing day.  Thank you!”

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