What advice would you give a relocating employee when marketing their home for sale?


What advice would you give a relocating employee when marketing their home for sale?

Home Sale Counselor, Kelly House, has the five things you need to know to help your employees sell their homes quickly.


Complete transcript: “Hello, Kelly House, home sale counselor here to answer your question, ‘What advice would you give to a relocating employee looking to market their home for sale?’  Let’s take a look at just five quick steps that your employee can follow to ensure a timely transaction.

Step number one: Let’s make sure that we are working with a great agent.  They should be a full time realtor, someone that offers professional marketing and someone that they trust to give them honest and timely feedback throughout the transaction.  Also, the realtor needs to understand the relocation process and some of the intricacies associated with this type of sale.

Number two: Suggest that your employee stage the home prior to listing.  Little things like decluttering, neutralizing paint colors, giving every room a deep clean, and making necessary repairs prior to listing can have a lasting impact on the buyer’s perception.

Number three: Price smart upfront.  Gone are the days where we should be talking about leaving room for negotiation.  Rather we should look to position the home to be the best deal on the market on day one.  We know that buyers are only going to be making an offer on a home that is the best deal at that time.

Number four: Be flexible.  Listen to the buyer’s feedback and keep an eye on the competition.  If your employee is hearing objections that they can overcome or see that the competition is making adjustments, we need to look at what we can do to remarket the home to put it in the best position.

Number five: Treat this like a business decision. Obviously relocating and selling a home can be emotional but your employees will be best served if they look at this transaction solely as a business transaction.

Follow these five steps and the final tip I can give you is be ready for a quick sale.”



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