How do I prepare a relocating employee for their time in temporary housing?


How do I prepare a relocating employee for their time in temporary housing?

If your employee has questions about how to prepare for their time in temporary housing, don’t worry! Senior Relocation Counselor Ashley Bartoletti has all the info they’ll need in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, my name is Ashley Bartoletti, and I’m a senior relocation counselor at Plus.  Today I’ll be sharing the best way to prepare your relocating employee for temporary housing.

Whether it’s an approved benefit or not, many employees will find themselves in need of housing for a short period of time before moving into their new home during the relocation process.  In the relocation world, temporary housing is defined as furnished accommodations with shorter leasing periods.  This is something that the employee is typically signing for rather than the company.

Once the corporate apartment has been secured,  the temporary housing provider will reach out with confirmation and check-in information.  This has a ton of details and should be printed prior to arrival.  It will have the check-in date and time as well as any special instructions like where the lockbox will be located if the employee is planning on arriving after the typical office hours.  It will also have the address and the temporary housing provider’s contact information should the employee need it.  The temporary housing provider will be asking your employee for their personal credit card information but they can relax.  It’s just for damage and incidentals if the company is covering the stay.

If your employee has a special blender that they use for their morning smoothies or a coffee grinder they can’t live without, they should plan to bring this with them to temporary housing.  They won’t have access to their goods while they are shipping and in storage.  Along those lines, your employee should plan on bringing all important documentation with them as well. It could be their passport, documents for their new position, or the title to their home.

If there are any issues during the check-in process or throughout the stay, like a clogged drain or a burnt out light bulb, the employee will have a go-to contact to get the items resolved as quickly as possible.  Other than that they can sit back and relax and enjoy the amenities of the property whether it’s a fitness center, business center, or pool during their stay.  Thank you.”


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