How does corporate culture impact the mobility program?

How does corporate culture impact the mobility program?

Client Relations Manager, Rachel Noble, will give you the 411 on how to incorporate your company’s culture into your mobility program.


Complete transcript: “Hi, I’m Rachel Noble, Client Relations Manager at Plus Relocation and I’m here to talk about how corporate culture aligns with your mobility program.  Corporate culture is a lot more than just, ‘Can I wear jeans and a hoodie to work everyday?’ It fundamentally impacts a company’s environment, who and what they value and how work gets done everyday.  So here are a few tips to consider when developing your relocation policies.

Hierarchy.  If you are a highly stratified organization, perhaps you want to consider a tiered program with maybe more supported benefits for higher level employees and more limited support for new hires or lower level employees.

Self-sufficiency.  If you are a company that values go-getters, self-starters perhaps you want to consider a program that provides more employee choice such as a cafeteria plan or a lump sum program.

And wellbeing.  If your company is highly concerned with employee well-being in all aspects of their life, then perhaps that extends to your relocation program as well and you offer a more supportive package that helps both the employee and the family become settled in the new location.

All in all, factoring in a corporate culture, in addition to industry information and other internal consideration so that you can align your program with business needs and the work environment your employees experience everyday.”

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