What should your company consider with group moves?


What should your company consider with group moves?

There are special considerations when relocating a lot of employees at once. Senior Manager of Client Services Emily Finnerty has more in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, I’m Emily Finnerty, senior manager of policy administration at Plus, and welcome to Relo Tip Tuesday. Today, I’ll be discussing group moves and some items you should consider when planning a group move.

Now group moves often arise when companies open or close a facility, or if there’s a merger and acquisition resulting in a large number of people being asked to relocate. And group moves present a different set of circumstances compared to an individual relocation. A successful group move requires careful consideration to policies as well as clear communication.

Now here are several important questions to consider when planning a group move: Are all your stakeholders involved? For example, your affected business unit, mobility team, payroll and human resources. Will all the employees receive the same relocation benefits, or will you offer a tiered program? How can you best leverage your relocation service provider as well as their global supply chain? And finally, for employees who cannot or choose not to relocate, will any assistance be provided?

We recommend getting your employees involved in this process, and you can do it in several different ways. Provide them a copy of their relocation benefits, and you can hold a policy orientation meeting as well and invite your relocation service provider to make sure all your employees’ questions get addressed. Also, consider offering an area tour of the new location. This may help your employees feel more comfortable about the move.

By following these steps, you’ll provide a better experience for your relocating employees during their group move. Thanks for watching!”

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