What advice would you give a relocating employee who is moving with a pet?


What advice would you give a relocating employee who is moving with a pet?

Moving with a furry friend can be challenging. Global Supply Chain Specialist Carol Waldoch shares some tips for relocating with a pet.


Complete transcript: “Hello, I’m Carol Waldoch global supply chain specialist here to answer the question, ‘What advice would I give an employee moving with a pet?’

Moving with a pet can be a little stressful, but with these considerations it can be made a little easier.  The first consideration is to think about restrictions.  Many flight and lodging facilities have restrictions, especially on large breed dogs such as Pit Bulls, German Sheperds and others.  If your employee has this type of breed of dog, allow for extra time to accommodate their pet needs.  It can be difficult and expensive to find either short term or long term housing for any type of pet.  Encourage your employee to talk to their relocation counselor as soon as possible about their pet needs.  If your employee is not moving permanently consider leaving the pet with a friend or family member during the assignment.  Every country has their own regulations regarding shots, veterinary records, microchips, and quarantine time.  If your employee is moving internationally contact the embassy for the latest requirements.

The second consideration is to think about the physical move itself.  Not all airlines allow pets.  Even if the airline does allow pets not all flights allow pets inside the cabin.  If your chosen airline doesn’t allow pets, your employee will need to use a pet shipper.

The final consideration is that a pet shipper will make life a lot easier.  A professional pet shipper will arrange all door to door logistics using pet friendly ground and air transportation.  Airline requirements are specific and ever changing.  A pet shipper will book all travel, have the appropriate kennel for your animal and pick them up from the cargo area.  Pet shippers arrange boardings, quarantine times, permits and government endorsements so that nothing is overlooked.

Regardless if your company provides pet shipment or your employee pays for this directly, the value is usually worth the cost.  Relocating with a furry friend can be easy if these arrangements are made. Thank you.”

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