Plus Spotlight: The State of Mobility with Anupam Singhal

Text graphic promoting Plus Spotlight webinar; with spotlights shining on photo of guest Anupam Singhal of WERC

May 30, 2024

In this webinar, we’ll sit down with Anupam Singhal, WERC’s recently appointed President and CEO, to take a detailed look at the current state of global mobility as a whole. We’ll discuss what corporate mobility leaders need and want for effectively managing their mobility programs right now and in the future. Anupam will also share how WERC is transforming and innovating to support the changing needs of mobility programs around the world.

Key topics include:

•  Unique challenges that companies and their mobile employees are facing today

•  New and developing technology

•  Real estate changes

•  The state of return to work (RTO) initiatives and their impact on the industry

• And much more!

You can receive one CRP and/or GMS credit through Worldwide ERC for attending this webinar.

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