Webinar: Making Sense of the Buying Process for Mobility Services

multiple hands, calculator, charts at meeting table

originally held on Apr 9, 2024

The quality of your mobility program hinges on the quality of your service providers, and it’s not always easy to find the right fit.

We get it — and we can help!

During this webinar, our consulting experts focus on the top three things all mobility and procurement managers should know to help make the mobility buying process as pain-free as possible, including:

  1. How to navigate the competitive marketplace for mobility services
  2. How to evaluate program structure, locations, policies, and processes and how they can impact your cost
  3. How to develop an effective RFP that asks the right questions

You can receive one CRP and/or GMS credit through Worldwide ERC by viewing the webinar recording through the end of 2024.

This webinar date has already passed, but you can still watch it here:


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