Plus Spotlight: Revolutionizing Mobility with AIRINC

originally held August 17, 2023

In this webinar, we discuss what companies are doing to address a volatile world, the quick pace of global change, and the need to elevate mobility programs. Alongside Morgan Crosby, AIRINC’s Chief Strategy Officer, we consider the latest hot topics and trends impacting mobility programs as we head into the last half of 2023. We dive into some of the ideas presented in AIRINC’s paper, “Revolutionize Your Mobility Program,” paying particular attention to program evaluation, flexibility, diversity, sustainability, global rents, and cost of living insights.

Key topics include:
• Explore the top challenges and priorities facing global mobility programs in today’s environment and the rest of 2023.

• Define what a “fit for purpose” and “world-class” global mobility program looks like and discuss the right balance of strategy and tactical capabilities.

• Consider how global mobility is finding new ways to engage and impact talent goals, especially employee development and retention.

• Gain insights into volatile mobility expenses like global rents and cost of living.

• Look at where companies are adding flexibility into their programs, and how they’re doing it.

• Explore how sustainability and diversity are being built into mobility.

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