Plus Spotlight: Immigration with Envoy Global

Text graphic promoting Plus Spotlight webinar; with spotlights shining on photo of guest Dick Burke of Envoy

originally held May 18, 2023

Join us as we discuss the latest global immigration hot topics and trends with Envoy Global’s CEO, Dick Burke. We share some of the interesting findings from Plus’s global mobility trends survey and dive into the insights from Envoy Global’s latest Trends Report.

Key topics include:
• Explore the top challenges and priorities facing global mobility programs today.

• From the CEO perspective, learn what factors are currently shaping the global talent and immigration landscape and explore how employers are reassessing and adapting their strategies to navigate in this VUCA environment.

• Learn more about how U.S. immigration challenges are impacting businesses and the economies of other countries.

• Gain insights into current immigration barriers in the U.S. and why companies are tapping offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing of foreign talent.

• Get a better sense of the dynamics of the H-1B situation and explore what alternatives might exist for your mobility program.

• Explore the challenges, priorities, and best practices for integrating immigration practices into the global mobility function.

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