Plus Spotlight: Corporate Housing Trends with Synergy

Text graphic promoting Plus Spotlight webinar; with spotlights shining on photo of guest Jack Jensky of Synergy

originally held November 7, 2023

In this webinar, we discuss the latest hot topics and trends in corporate housing with Jack Jensky, Co-Founder of Synergy. Together, we dive into the unique challenges of availability and pricing for temporary housing needs around the world. Jack also focuses on some unique locations and shares how mobility programs are adapting their corporate housing goals for current and developing needs.

Key topics include:

•  Current corporate housing trends and challenges in the U.S. and around the world.

•  How corporate housing is using technology to transform guest experiences and sustainability practices.

•  Some of Jack’s unique solutions to challenging mobility situations, and his predictions for the next 12+ months.

This webinar date has already passed, but you can still watch it here:

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