A Tour Through the World’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Aerial View of Casa de Campo and Carabanchel District in Madrid from Almudena Cathedral. Cityscape of Madrid, Spain

We have been moving people around the world for a really long time and having been in the relocation business over the last 24 years, I have truly enjoyed the chances to checkout cities and their neighborhoods across the globe! I am famous for getting to a place and checking it out and saying, “I could live here!” Because there are soooo many really cool neighborhoods and fun places to see, all with their own history, cultures and vibes, when I saw this article (Time Out reveals the ‘world’s coolest’ neighborhoods for 2023), I had to check out what they had to say and see how they selected their top 40 neighborhoods. Per this article at CNN, every year, Time Out polls its staffers and contributors from around the globe to assemble this list of the 40 most fun, interesting and fashionable ‘hoods.

The Time Out Group is a global media and hospitality business that went from being a self-published magazine in 1968 to a global media and hospitality brand today. Check out their story here. Every year, they ask thousands of city-dwellers to tell them about the coolest spots in their cities. They ask what are the places locals love and visitors flock to? Where are the exciting new openings across food, drink and culture? Where are people going out, hanging out and having fun? And this year over 12,000 people gave them the answers. Then, they narrow down the selections with the insight and expertise of city editors and local experts who know these cities better than anyone else. Finally, to co create and rank the final list, they looked at factors including community and social ventures, access to open and green space, and thriving street life.

How did it turn out? Each of these places has a big personality and are areas where people come to play. 

Here are the Top 10 Coolest neighborhoods in the World:

1. Laureles: Medellin, Colombia
2. Smithfield: Dublin, Ireland
3. Carabanchel: Madrid, Spain
4. Havnen: Copenhagen, Denmark
5. Sheung Wan: Hong Kong
6. Brunswick East: Melbourne, Australia
7. Mid-City, New Orleans
8. Isola: Milan, Italy
9. West: Amsterdam, Netherlands
10. Tomigaya: Tokyo, Japan

See the full list of 40 neighborhoods here. They provide a great neighborhood overview, explain what the perfect day there would look like, tell you how to plan your trip and give great recommendations for fun and food. You might be surprised that as I read through each one I thought to myself,  “I could live there!”

An artsy quarter of Madrid, a sustainable pocket of Melbourne, and an up-and-coming zone in Medellin – what do these places have in common? They’re among the coolest neighborhoods in the world, according to global publisher Time Out.