Supply Chain Story

“If my two dogs couldn’t come
with me, I’d have turned down the
opportunity. But Plus found the perfect way to transport my
pets, and it was the highlight
of my move.”

Ted, Relocating Employee

You might know people who like their dogs
more than people, and that’s Ted.

He’s the proud guardian of two English bulldogs, and jokes that he bought his house for the dogs – and the dogs let him live there. But is it a joke if it’s true?

Ted was elated when he was offered a promotion on the other side of the country, but that elation suddenly turned to anxiety when he thought about transporting the pooches. Because English bulldogs are brachycephalic (i.e., they have short noses and are prone to respiratory issues), flying can be dangerous. And Ted’s schedule didn’t allow him the time to drive them across the continent.

So Ted reached out to his Plus Relocation counselor, who immediately took Ted’s situation to Plus’s global supply chain team. And after a little wonder working, Ted’s two beloved companions were picked up in New Jersey and transported safely to their new home in Nevada – by a doting fellow dog lover whose company transports pets. Ted even received pics and videos of the doggie duo throughout their journey.

Before long, the bulldogs arrived happy and healthy, and ready to explore their new home – the one they graciously allow Ted to live in.