Supplier Partner Story

“Plus helped us keep our
family tradition alive.”

Ezra, Relocating Employee

Ezra’s family of four was returning to the USA
after a three-year assignment in Qatar.

But it wasn’t altogether a homecoming: They’d come from New York and were heading to San Francisco.

During their time abroad, family traditions had become significant and a source for shared delight, remembrance and well-being. And after their time overseas, Ezra was understandably concerned about relocating his children – ages 9 and 13 – to an altogether new place yet again.

Of particular concern was the timing of their move: They’d arrive on the west coast just days before Christmas. Which meant their beloved tradition of decorating the holiday tree wasn’t likely to happen.
Enter Ezra’s Plus Relocation counselor, who took Ezra’s concerns to heart and pulled some strings with Plus’ remarkable supplier- partners.

When Ezra and family arrived at their new home, their Christmas tree and decorations were unpacked and waiting for them – to help them sustain their family tradition of sharing a bit of holiday magic.