5 probing questions

to help ensure the perfect fit.

You can learn a lot about prospective RMCs in issuing

a well-written RFP, and that’s entirely the point.

By asking these five questions, you’ll learn more — about your invitees’ attitudes, approaches, and service styles — than you otherwise would.

  • Tell us about your company culture: How do you engage your own employees in your workplace?

    How an RMC values its own people says a lot about the experience they will create for you and your relocating employees.

  • Tell us how you manage supplier partner performance: How do you keep their costs contained?

    Understanding an RMC’s expenses from its supplier partners will help you understand your real relocation price tag.

  • Tell us about your own suppliers: Who may we speak with?

    Ask for client references, of course, but supplier references, too: They will tell a very revealing story about how an RMC engages with all of its partners.

  • Tell us how you’d resolve [insert an issue scenario].

    A nice recommendation from an HR manager is useful, but it won’t answer the specific questions and challenges you face on any given day. Pose a scenario challenge and have the RMC specify their solution path, the people involved, the timing, and the desired outcomes. For added insight, make the challenge a real one based on your experience.

  • Tell us about the future: What trends do you see in [insert category]? How are you responding to them?

    Don’t limit your RFP questions to the past: You’ll want an RMC partner that is thoughtfully, tangibly moving its capabilities into tomorrow, and that can adapt and evolve as your company’s needs change.

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