Point C Story

Having the control to change my benefits within a few weeks of my move meant everything to me.”

Maggie, Relocating Employee

Maggie was nearly set for her upcoming relocation: Her household goods were scheduled to ship, a temporary home rental was reserved, and her moving boxes had been ordered.

To reward herself for her remarkable organizational skills and celebrate her last few weeks in southern California, she went on a hiking trip — where she fell and broke her leg. Suddenly, her move became far less organized.

But Maggie was using Point C. So with a little help from her Plus Relocation counselor, she was able to change her standard household goods shipment to a premium shipment, complete with pack-and-load service – a benefit that wouldn’t have been available to someone at her level in a traditional relocation.
And she switched out her temporary rental to a different property with one-level living.

Maggie easily made these changes not long before her relocation, and without needing to explain anything to her new employer: She didn’t need to ask for exceptions, and she didn’t need to leave the comfort of her sofa. And a few weeks later, she – and her full-length leg cast – started her dream job in Seattle.