Kitchen Sink (Innovations)

Instant access to everything that matters, everything you need, and everything that’s happening.

With the award-winning technology that is the Elo suite of solutions, you’ve got it.

Always and everywhere.

Elo for Mobility Teams

The all-in-one hub with a commanding view into your global mobility program. Fully customized just for you.

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Elo for Mobility Teams

The all-in-one hub with a commanding view into your global mobility program. Fully customized just for you.

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Elo for Mobility Teams

For intimidating complexity, an ingenious solution.

Purpose-built to simplify the confounding complexity of global relocation.

And to assure a best-anywhere experience for every employee and their families.

No more hunting for location-specific regulations. No more turning to different places to manage issues or solve crises. No more dropping everything to tend to a VIP on the move. With Elo for Mobility Teams, you stay in control, stay on schedule, and stay on budget. Which means you stay calm and cool. This innovative technology from Plus Relocation is a secure, cloud-based, global solution based on the robust Salesforce platform, with full functionality in both desktop and mobile environments. And fully personalized to deliver everything you need, in the instant you need it.

Real-time dashboards with events, tasks & messages

Instant access to your entire service team & key suppliers

Instant status on any employee move, anywhere in the world

Key program performance metrics & custom reports

Full documentation, policies, contracts & financials

Mobility community sharing, advice, tips, and discussion

For every mobility professional around the world, this is difficulty deleted. And ease enabled.

Unrivaled by any Plus competitor, this keystone formula is a powerful catalyst in unlocking the most successful relocation programs anywhere today:


employee-driven experiences not dictated by one-size-fits-all policy.


DE&I advancement that improves recruitment and creates a sense of shared purpose.


benefit options that meet the specific needs of specific employees.


employee decision-making that breaks the boundaries of static cookie-cutter programs.

This is the employee journey, perfected. And this is your mobility program, elevated. With Plus Relocation.

Supply Chain Providers

Your supply chain providers are carefully chosen — for your company, specifically — to align to your budget parameters and the needs of your relocating employees. And with precise KPIs and ongoing supplier data reviews, your team at Plus constantly monitors your program's performance, controls costs, and makes resource adjustments quickly and seamlessly.

Insight Required

That takes more than oversight: It requires insight (into what's happening anywhere in the world) and foresight (into what's about to happen). Which means Plus Relocation's perfected supply chain isn't merely managed: It's maximized. To deliver an exceptional experience to every client org and every employee.

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