Our vision is to be the world’s best relocation company,

and we live that vision every day, in everything we do. It isn’t confined to a poster on the break-room wall. It’s evident in every decision, interaction and task we complete. You’ll hear it in your conversations with us, you’ll see it in the work delivered, and – if we’re lucky enough to welcome you to visit one of our offices – you’ll experience it in our hallways.

our vision floats above like a cloud,

describing in those carefully chosen words our desired future.  Even though it is about our future, we describe it in the present tense, so that it impacts our behavior today.

our mission, to deliver delight,

rests in the center, at the core of who we are, guiding us in how we act and our purpose in all that we do each day.

our values stand firmly at the base,

representing principles that we will not compromise.

our vision:

Plus is the world’s best relocation company
with the best employees, who care and want to make a difference,
who believe in the power of team, who are fulfilled and have fun each day,
by providing the highest quality, customized service available – anywhere.
Customers, vendors, and employees have been transformed,
from business associates to loyal partners,
because of our passion to:

our mission:
deliver delight!

our values:

  • radical integrity
  • no excuses accountability
  • aggressive collaboration
  • servant leadership
  • unwavering commitment
  • outrageous results

radical integrity

We do the right thing, all the time, every time. No exceptions. No compromises. No gray area.

aggressive collaboration

We grow and rise together through teamwork. The best ideas and the best solutions come from unique perspectives. Assertively. Promptly. Respectfully.

unwavering commitment

When we commit to do something, you can count on it being done, and done well. Period.

no excuses accountability

We own our mistakes and we will fix them. Quickly. Our response will take your breath away. No finger pointing. No blaming. Just making things right.

servant leadership

We serve by leading and we lead by serving. We care. We reach. We touch. We make a difference in the lives of others.

outrageous results

We each do our part and go the extra mile. We are willing to pay the price to reap the reward. Everyone wins!

2018 Values in Action award recipients

Every year, six Plus employees who exemplify our values are honored with a Values in Action award. Recipients are nominated by their peers and remind us on a daily basis of how our values drive us to deliver exceptional service and just be the kind of people who would make our parents proud.

Brian Riste,

Business Systems Analyst

Integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. That is the perfect description of Brian, who received Plus’s Values in Action Award for Radical Integrity for doing the right thing every time.

Simon Reading,

Project Manager, Product Development and Innovation

Aggressive Collaboration doesn’t just mean getting a second opinion; it means working with your team to come up with the best solutions and ideas. That’s exactly why Simon received the Values in Action award for his commitment to growing as a team.

Michael Perry,

Senior Support Specialist, Shared Services

There’s no such thing as “good enough” for Michael. He makes a plan and sticks to it – that’s why he received the Values in Action award for Unwavering Commitment.

Julia Snabes,

Expense Specialist

Find a problem? Let’s fix it together. That is the mentality of Julia, who received Plus’s Values in Action award for No Excuses Accountability.

Anna Kostial,

Manager, Client Services

At Plus, we lead by serving. That is especially true in the case of Anna, who makes a difference in her team every day. This is why she received Plus’s Values in Action award for Servant Leadership.

Carly Swanson,

Senior Global Mobility Counselor

It’s not always easy to go the extra mile, but Carly always puts in the work to achieve her goals. That’s why she received the Values in Action Award for Outrageous Results for her outstanding dedication to the job.