we call our employees the Varsity Team

The A-list. The zero-cool, wicked-smart crème de la crème. We even, on occasion, call them the Cat’s Pajamas (but not to their faces). Okay, we don’t really call them any of those things; but we could! Because we sincerely believe our employees are nothing short of extraordinary. Let us introduce you to a few of the coaches of the Plus Varsity Team:

Mick Lee

Mick Lee

Chair of the Board

Sandy Lee

Sandy Lee

Vice Chair of the Board

Susan Benevides, Chief Executive Officer

Susan Benevides, SCRP, GMS

Chief Executive Officer

Joe Benevides, Chief Operating Officer

Joe Benevides, SCRP

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Kubitschek

Chief Information Officer

Lauren Schroeder

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Stacey Myhro

Stacey Myhro, CCMAP

Senior Vice President, Contracts and Compliance

Jennifer Lutgen senior vice president of client relations

Jennifer Lutgen, CRP, GMS-T

Senior Vice President, Client Relations

Tracey Gatlin senior vice president, global services & supply chain

Tracey Gatlin, CRP

Senior Vice President, Global Services & Supply Chain

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