How do I make sure I pick the right RMC partner?

How do I make sure I pick the right RMC partner?

There are a lot of relocation partners to choose from, so how do you make sure to select the right one? Director of Business Development Mike Fitzgerald takes a look in this Relo Tip Tuesday.


Complete transcript: “Hi, I’m Mike Fitzgerald, and welcome to Relo Tip Tuesday. My question is: ‘How do I make sure I pick the right RMC partner?’

There are a lot of different relocation management companies, or RMCs, in the market, and it can be tricky to know which one is right for your needs. As companies go through the selection process, it’s common for them to wonder if they’re inviting the best prospects into the fold or if anyone is being missed. Here are four tips for making sure you have the right RMCs at the table when you go out to bid — and ultimately end up with the right partner.

One, analyze your company and mobility program before you get started. In other words, know what you’re trying to accomplish before you talk to a single RMC. This will ensure you have a clear goal and can look at a partner that can help in this area.

Two, start with a request for information or questionnaire. Unlike a request for proposal, or RFP, an RFI is often brief. Like around 15 to 20 questions. You won’t get everything answered here, but you can use an RFI as a way to start with a wider field of RMCs, then move your favorites to a more in-depth RFP.

Three, ask around. The mobility industry is fairly close-knit, so chances are you know someone who has experience with some of the RMCs you’re looking at. And you can use their advice to build and tweak your list of candidates.

And four, give yourself ample time. If you rush the process, you’re less likely to find a partner you’re truly happy with. Build in opportunities for RMCs to ask questions as they work on their proposals, and make sure you also have time to answer them. We recommend giving yourself at least 18 months to work through the selection journey from beginning to end, if possible.

We hope these tips help you better identify the right RMC when you go out to bid. Thanks for watching!”

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