employees who receive a lump sum

may or may not have the time or resources to effectively manage the logistics of their own domestic or international move. This puts an additional strain on them during an already-stressful time and could interfere with their work.

What if you could make the move for these employees dramatically easier and more organized?

this was our vision when we designed Elo Assist.

Built on the Salesforce platform, Elo Assist provides the most comprehensive level of support available today for lump sum relocations, while still being incredibly easy. Just like Elo for Employees, it puts your employees at the center of their move.

Even when you can’t offer a fully-managed move, with Elo Assist you can give every one of your relocating employees the support they need to simplify and organize their move, wherever they are headed in the world.

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with Elo Assist, your employees will be able to:

keep tabs on everything

With an easy-to-navigate dashboard, your employees will find the services and information they need all in one place.

handle their finances with confidence

Manage their budget by requesting and tracking their lump sum payments, and inputting estimated and actual expenses.

start up approved services

Review details of their global relocation policy, and initiate direct-bill services such as temporary lodging, airfare, household goods and rental services.

keep track of all the important people in their move

Create a personalized address book of all of their service providers, whether they are a Plus-vetted supplier or one of their own.

run their own show

Add and remove tasks to keep their relocation moving smoothly.

never forget a thing

Document their thoughts throughout their domestic or international move so nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

become their own relocation expert

Find helpful resources, tips and tools on their move, their new city, taxes and finances.

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