moving is never easy

But throw in a new job, a tight timeline, and maybe even some international immigration issues, and it becomes a nearly-Herculean undertaking. Through our research with relocating employees, we know they experience a great deal of anxiety from not knowing what’s coming up next, who to contact, or where to find information. They put a lot of effort into hunting down answers and gathering and tracking dates, documents, to-dos and people. They told us they needed help – a tool that brings everything and everyone they need together, in one place.

Enter, Elo for Employees!

we created a groundbreaking solution

Our cloud-based tool places your employee and their spouse or partner at the center of the relocation process and provides a single, secure place for them to access and take action on information about their move.

Employees can take charge of their relocation by:

  • Having complete visibility into everything related to their move, brought together in one central location
  • Proactively managing upcoming events and tasks, so they’re never taken by surprise
  • Connecting with others going through a similar experience via an exclusive online social community

Plus is known for our high-touch service, and Elo for Employees further enhances this personal experience by bringing all the key players even closer together. High-tech and high-touch never blended together more beautifully.

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check out some of the things your employees will be able to do:

keep track of all the important people in their move

View and connect with everyone working on their move and quickly message them in one, convenient spot.

know what’s coming up, every day

Stay on top of their to-do lists, appointments, showings, and other important events and tasks.

manage their move finances

Submit new expenses in any currency for reimbursement, view expense reports, and see what’s been approved and what’s still pending.

keep it all together

Save all move-related documents, like their policy, payback agreement, letter of understanding, and contract, so that they are easy to find and reference.

research topics of interest with ease

Read up on a bevy of move-related topics through an online library of articles, checklists, websites and other global resources, including information on their new city.

get support from their peeps

Employees can join online groups to connect with other Elo for Employees users and discuss common experiences. Groups can be company, location, or special interest-based.

You can control which groups – if any – are made available to your employees.