you’re making an impression even before a candidate becomes an employee

by how quickly and smoothly they’re reimbursed for their out-of-pocket interview expenses. The trouble is, this is more difficult than it sounds. When you are recruiting across the country and around the world, processing individual candidate expenses is tedious and wildly time consuming, not to mention that it’s practically impossible to ensure that every reimbursement follows company policy. All of this adds time and frustration to the process, for you and your candidates.

you can provide a high-touch experience, without the high-touch overhead,

with Plus’s Interview Reimbursement Services, delivered via our proprietary technology called Elo Recruit. It’s the only online expense portal designed exclusively for candidate reimbursement during your global recruitment process.

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with Interview Reimbursement Services and Elo Recruit, your candidates can:

  • Snap a picture of their receipts with their smart phone, upload it and submit via Plus’s Interview Reimbursement portal
  • Receive payment either electronically or in the mail

Candidates will receive an introductory email automatically, the day after their interview, and get reminder emails for up to 6 weeks post-interview.

the system isn’t just handy for candidates

With Interview Reimbursement Services you’ll be able to:

  • Sit back while Plus reviews submissions for policy adherence and handles reimbursements
  • Process just two, consolidated invoices per month
  • Receive detailed reporting on each candidate and their submitted expenses
  • Have more time to focus on other things!

You’re an easy, 90-minute implementation away from dramatically streamlining your candidate reimbursement process, giving a big boost to both your efficiency and your brand experience.

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