mobility programs come with big complications:

hundreds (if not thousands) of moving parts, strict deadlines, confusing international regulations, tight budgets, and – oh yeah – the periodic VIP relocation to keep you on your toes. Not to mention the most important challenge: providing the very best care for each and every relocating employee, wherever they are headed in the world.

Don’t reach for the aspirin yet! Instead, reach for Elo for Mobility Teams.

Plus puts the world at your fingertips

We created a game-changing, globally-focused relocation management platform that puts you at the center of your mobility program. Instead of chasing down information from dozens of locations, you now can get it all in one place, personalized just for you.

Elo for corporate mobility teams enables you to:

  • Gain instant and complete visibility into your global mobility program with a one-stop-shop for everything related to your program, from at-a-glance insights to microscopic details
  • Manage your program from soup to nuts, from authorizing moves to handling daily tasks to running custom reports
  • Connect with a social community of other mobility professionals to ask questions and share best practices

Elo for Mobility Teams is a secure, cloud-based, global solution with full functionality available for both desktop and mobile devices.

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check out some of the things you can do with Elo for Mobility Teams:

only have a second? no sweat

Monitor a real-time dashboard where you can see the events, tasks and messages that are active, as well as key metrics about your overall mobility program that are most important to you.

find what’s-his-name’s contact info in a flash

Access your entire service team in one place including your Plus client relationship manager, Plus Global Mobility Counselors, and Plus expense and home sale specialists, as well as key suppliers.

manage your mobility program like a pro

Quickly pull up all of your critical documents and information, gathered together in one place, including policies, contracts, financial data, and more.

deep dive on a particular move

Whether your employee is headed to Delhi, Dublin or Des Moines (or anywhere else in the world), dig into the details of any employee move and easily check on status, spend to budget. You can even read notes you and Plus have made on how things are going.

get the data you need, when and how you need it

Access real-time program reporting whenever and wherever you want it; use your company’s standard reporting or create your own

make your life a little easier

Take advantage of easy-to-use tools to authorize new moves, calculate the cost of prospective relocations, review employee survey results and comments, and handle communications when you’re out of the office

don’t go it alone

If your company chooses, you can connect with a community of other mobility professionals to ask questions and share best practices

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