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sometimes you want to pick up the phone and talk things through with a Plus expert.

Sometimes, you really don’t. In these situations, when you need nothing more and nothing less than instant access to all the facts, Plus offers the uber-cool, award-winning technology we call Elo solutions. Elo solutions make you the center of the relocation solar system. Instead of having to go here-there-and-everywhere for information, you can sit back and let it all revolve around you.

See how our award-winning technology puts you and your employees at the center of the relocation process.

Elo for Mobility Teams

Gain even more visibility into your global mobility program with this one-stop-shop for everything related to your program, from authorizing moves, to at-a-glance updates, to customized reports, to easy access to your entire service team.

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Elo for Employees

Relocating employees and their families can connect with all the key players assisting with their move, including their Plus Global Mobility Counselor and suppliers, as well as access calendars and task lists, manage documents and find useful articles.

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Elo Assist

Help your employees with self-service moves to stay on top of their budget, see their policy, initiate services, create an address book of suppliers, and find helpful resources all through one, easy-to-use tool.

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Elo Recruit

Reimburse your candidates for their out-of-pocket interview expenses quickly, while nearly eliminating data entry for your accounting team with this online expense management tool.

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Learn how Plus and our award-winning technology supports employees throughout the emotional moving process as Plus CEO Susan Benevides chats with Michael Stone.