like many mobility professionals,

you may be learning relocation on the job. Whether it’s your primary job or one of many hats you wear, relocation is a complex business and tough to learn as you go. It’s a classic example of, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” To make matters worse, you have limited time and are pressured to provide instant information to executives and others on your team.

at Plus, we’re not only relocation experts

but also coaches and teachers. Whether you need training on relocation fundamentals – like services, tax issues and guidelines, and types of assignments – or just a refresher on certain aspects of programs and policy, you will always have the knowledge and information you need through our relocation training and education programs. We’ll provide training for you (and your recruiters, too), along with client-specific updates, FAQs and other training tools for your internal partners.

We’ll also loop you in to industry activities, conferences, webinars and other networking and training events. And we’re here any time you have a question – hit us with your toughest relo questions!

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