some unique challenges bubble up with group moves

Because they’re usually a result of a business strategy rather than career development opportunities, group moves can include a broad mix of employees and families with differing needs and situations. With the challenges they bring in resources, coordination and communication, they may be the toughest and most complex projects your mobility team will tackle.

With Plus’s corporate group move planning services, you can rest easy that every detail will be thoughtfully considered and deftly handled. Our clients regularly bring us in to support them even before they announce the company’s intentions, to help plan and prepare for the move. We’ll help you with everything from communications to collateral materials, scheduling/timing and policy development and implementation (both standard and customized).

whether we’re moving five or 205 employees,

we make it a group adventure and individual experience. Our network of rock star suppliers brings talent in real estate, financing, destination counseling, temporary housing, household goods moving and other key services; and we blend and boost our collective skills and relationships. No matter if we’re arranging tours at the new location or applying our cost-efficient insight to the budgeting, planning and execution of the group-move initiative, we’re fully committed, from pre- to post-move.

Working with Plus, you’ll be able to focus your attention on ramping up in your new location and not on how to get everyone there.

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