stepping out of your comfort zone can be scary…

filled with anticipation, confusion, frustration and even fear. As corporate mobility teams and relocation service providers, we are often only a small part of the overall journey.

what if each of us could make a difference,

make the experience smoother for the employee and their family? Before building a relocation program for your organization, step into the shoes of a relocating family with help from Plus’s employee experience discovery tools.

Our training video and facilitator’s guide provide a unique look at the full story of one family’s move so that you’ll be better equipped to find genuine ways to connect and support individuals in their relocation journey.

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experience the journey now

In a one-of-a-kind video called In Their Shoes, watch Plus Relocation CEO Susan Benevides share two decades worth of experiences in the shoes of Ida Raderstay. Through this unique and comprehensive story, you’ll be faced with real-life scenarios that will challenge you to find more genuine ways to connect and come alongside individuals in their relocation journey. For more information, contact us at


“This video is a great way to convey the human side, the emotional impact, of relocating. I laughed and sighed and could relate to all of the ‘challenges!’ Sharing this video, especially with those on the front lines, will open eyes and help to generate greater empathy for the layers of decisions and complicated emotional ties that transferees and their families are facing. As a Destination Service Provider, we are focused on minimizing the stress related to the myriad of daunting tasks that must be accomplished upon arrival to a new destination. Helping our team remember that the departure side is equally fraught with emotion will be a great tool in helping to formulate empathetic outreach and correspondence. Empathy is a critical component to all of our roles!”

Lynda Lescault, CRP, GMS
Director, Account Management
Dwellworks, LLC

“The Ida Raderstay video is well worth the $500 investment. Our team embraced it as the real life experience of a transferee relocation. It will change our team’s approach forever and will be viewed by every relocation agent at every training for years to come.”

Hellen N. Valle, CRP, gCertified
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Berkshire Hathaway PenFed Realty HomeServices