remember what it’s like to be in a cramped room on vacation with your family for more than a few days?

So do we. (It’s usually not the most Zen-like of environments.) So we hear you, loud and clear, when you tell us what you want for your employees and their families when it comes to temporary housing.

You can start your employees’ first days in their new location on the right foot with temporary living that’s well-suited to their needs. We’ll work closely with them to coordinate their requirements with our fully-vetted national and international suppliers who are specialists in temporary housing. We’ll discuss the family’s requests, review advisable locations and commuting requirements, evaluate pricing, and take a look at the timeline (both the length of stay permitted by the policy, and the dates for the employee’s transition to the new position and destination).

with our suppliers, we’ll identify practical options,

and help the relocating family select the best match. We can offer short- and long-term solutions to align with your policy parameters, for capped moves and tight budgets (within the U.S.), and an à la carte program to customize furnished apartments.

With Plus’s Temporary Housing services for relocating employees, your relocating families will remember their temporary housing situation in a positive (and peaceful) way.

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