much of today’s technology might be plug-and-play, but people aren’t

Leaving your home country, your friends and family, and everything that’s familiar to you is a pretty big deal. In fact, it’s one of the biggest of deals on the stress scale. So, a little “reconfiguration” in your new city is almost always needed, and when your assignees and their families feel comfortable in a new place, their productivity and the success of their assignments skyrocket.

You can help your employees feel at home as soon as possible with Settling-in services through Plus. With our in-region support, they don’t need to start from scratch, and they don’t need to go it alone. We can help with things like connecting phone and utilities; registering the family and pets locally; helping to set up bank and other accounts; providing information on local medical, police and emergency resources; educating on the postal system; showing how to contact embassies, handymen, local services and other useful entities; giving guidance on liability insurance; helping with a driver’s license and registration; arranging school tours and area orientations; and offering general guidance on shopping and day-to-day living activities.

forget plug-and-play,

help your assignees make the right connections quickly and easily with our Settling-in services for relocating employees.

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