when kids are in the picture, life has a way of arranging itself around their needs

For your relocating employees, finding the perfect school can be a linchpin in their successful transition to their new home and community. Employees may even decline an assignment or return early because of worries about schooling.

Finding just the right educational solution can take a lot of time and effort. You can help your employees choose their ideal school and navigate the placement process with Plus’s School Search for relocating employees. We’ll connect them with a knowledgeable education consultant who will conduct a needs analysis, identify potential schools and deliver information about those institutions, coordinate school visits, assist with registration paperwork, and facilitate the enrollment and admittance process. Our approach guarantees full knowledge and awareness of the family’s needs, including any family-related concerns, as well as alignment with the housing and settling-in program.

working with Plus,

you can ease the minds of your employees and prevent the distraction of a prolonged or ineffective school search. They’ll find the best possible educational environment for their little angels, and you’ll have more productive employees.

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