if your employee’s home isn’t selling, she can’t get her mind on her new job,

and you can’t get your mind off of the lost productivity and extra benefit costs you’re incurring. With our corporate relocation real estate marketing services, called Day One Marketing, your employee will have a purposeful strategy, clarity on the market, and a sense of the buyer – and you’ll have a sense of relief.

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Learn how you can help your employees buy and sell their homes with Real Estate Marketing Assistance from Plus.

it’s a fact –

with or without monetary benefits, your employees need support and strategy to sell their homes. Without those elements, a home that sits on the market costs you, whether in exceptions and resources, efficiency or goodwill. You can offer a robust range of Plus expertise to your employees with a dedicated Home Sale Counselor, an appraisal reviewer and a marketing specialist. Their oversight includes a full broker market assessment prior to listing; assistance selecting an agent; pricing recommendations with an overall marketing strategy prior to listing; monthly marketing reviews; and additional recommendations throughout the listing period until the property is sold.

help your employees get a higher home sale price

in fewer days on market with Plus’s Day One Marketing. They’ll be able to focus on their new role faster, and you can focus on your own productivity.

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