sometimes it’s hard enough to be a great team member, even when everyone speaks the same language

But these days, teams often come together from more than one country, and communicating just got a heck of a lot more complicated. Whether you’re sending an employee to Japan or Jamaica; Portugal or Pakistan, a certain level of fluency is required to be effective in a global assignment. Misunderstandings and language blunders on your team can disrupt communications, slow down collaboration, and even stop business initiatives from launching. And language barriers matter on the home front, too, as family members manage their local, daily goings-on.

you can help your employees acclimate more quickly

to their new home and work effectively with the local team with corporate relocation Language Training programs through Plus. Language training provides employees and their family members with the linguistic capabilities that boost effectiveness and add the comfort that comes from being able to express yourself in a new environment.

Our partnerships with leading training companies offer tailored pricing and training options at the appropriate level of support, with accessible, self-paced online instruction; teacher-led, face-to-face language coaching; or a blended program that offers instructor-led virtual sessions. No matter how it’s done, language training translates into a real difference for your employees, their families, and your business.

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