“household goods” is cold, corporate-speak for “my family’s valuables, treasures and memories”

Our belongings make a new house feel like our home; they put us at ease and help us feel settled. So, it’s a big problem when they show up at our new residence late, broken, or not at all.

Yet, thanks to its complexity, the process for moving those treasures across country, or around the globe, is rife with opportunities for mishaps to happen. There are so many considerations to cover and monitor, like pricing, quality, security, service, timelines, delivery, tracking, documentation, valuation (for domestic shipments) and insurance (for international or containerized shipments) and claims.

you can make sure your employees’ belongings arrive safely

and on schedule, and make your own life a lot easier, with Plus’s Household Goods Move Management services. We’ll begin by helping you select a primary and secondary supplier. Our contracted supplier relationships offer corporate benefits and pricing, and if you have developed your own household goods relationships, we’re happy to bring your partners into our community.

Then we’ll manage the implementation and the process for excellence and consistency, ensuring suppliers understand your policy, benefits and culture. From start to finish, your Plus Global Mobility Counselor is on the job at every touch point: ensuring the packing, loading, shipping and storage of personal goods; monitoring shipments from origin to destination; and maintaining contact with all providers and your employees.

Even if it sounds cold, Household Goods Management is personal. Help your employees transform a new address into their new home – and avoid HHG drama for yourself – when you work with Plus.

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