helping your employees and assignees sell their homes

can pay off in lower relocation costs and happier employees. Yet it also can be the most expensive element of your mobility program. Choosing the wrong program can raise this price tag even more in taxes, lingering inventory, and higher temporary living costs.

you can offer this desirable benefit and make smart business decisions at the same time

with Home Sale Assistance for relocating employees from Plus. We’ll work with you to customize and design your home sale program, incorporating your organizational goals. We’ll guide you to the right assistance to help you understand the individuality of each home sale and connect you with a local expert for the best outcome.

Depending on your home sale situations, you can choose a Buyer Value Option (BVO), which is most effective with our powerful home marketing support, or the Guaranteed Offer/Appraised Value Sale Process, which benefits from the strong valuation process we have in place. Either way, we have your back with our Day One Marketing program – that’s a lot of in-house market knowledge and expertise behind you and your employees! We have exceptional inventory management strategies, too. Throughout the home sale management and inventory process, we stay close; checking with you to make sure you’re informed and satisfied as each transaction unfolds.

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