offer your employees cash back when they sell or buy their next home

Buying and selling a home can be one of the most exciting experiences in someone’s life – not to mention stressful and expensive. With Plus REwards and customized mortgage financing, you can offer your employees the chance to make real estate decisions like a pro and earn cash back while doing it!

employees earn easy money

Help put hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in your employee’s pocket simply, and at no cost to you, when they sell or buy their home through Plus REwards. The cash back reward amount is based on the final price of the closed transaction, and they can earn rewards for both buying and selling through the program.

help them make decisions confidently

In addition to the cash rewards, your employees will be paired with a dedicated Plus Global Mobility Counselor who will assist them in making informed decisions when selecting and working with a real estate agent. The good news doesn’t stop there! Offer Plus REwards not only to your relocating employees but to all employees in your company.


what are the benefits?

By offering Plus REwards to your employees, they’ll receive, at no cost to you:

  • A cash back reward for selling and/or buying their home
  • Plus experts skilled and trained on all aspects of buying and selling a home
  • Experienced real estate professionals who are knowledgeable in their area and price range and, most importantly, meet their specific needs.

who qualifies?

In order to qualify for Plus REwards, any employee, not just those relocating, must:

  1. Enroll by contacting a Plus Global Mobility Counselor at 888-251-2825 or email prior to entering into an agreement with a real estate agent.
  2. Sell and/or buy their home through a real estate agent recommended by their Plus Global Mobility Counselor.

The sales commission is then shared between Plus and their real estate agent. A portion of the referral paid to Plus is sent to them.

how much will they get back?

Your employee will receive a cash back reward for either buying or selling through the program – or both! The amount they receive depends on the sale or purchase price of the home.

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Example: If your employee sold their home for $315,000, they would receive $1,500. If your employee purchased their new home for $450,000, they would receive $2,000. Your employee could receive the combined amount of $3,500 if they sold AND bought through Plus REwards.
*Plus REwards schedule is based upon a real estate commission of 3% being paid by the selected broker on your side of the transaction. Any reduction in this commission may reduce the award amount.
NOTE: A cash back reward is prohibited by law in some states. If the employee is relocating and receiving home sale or home purchase benefits paid by the employer, they are not eligible for cash back rewards.

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Your employees can also take advantage of the Plus Relocation Mortgage team where they will have access to a dedicated mortgage expert who will guide them through the entire process. Each loan officer is an expert in relocation-specific mortgages and works closely with the other members of your employee’s relocation team. To learn more about Plus Relocation Mortgage visit:


Plus Relocation Mortgage