home sweet home

Unfortunately, for many employees or assignees, this quickly morphs into “home too-far-from-school home” or “home this-was-more-than-I-could-afford home” or even “home what-were-we-thinking home.” And issues on the home-front can be a major distraction and stressor for your employees. To avoid this potential upheaval, you just need to find them the perfect property in the perfect location at the perfect price. And fast. No pressure!

with Plus’s Home Finding and Relocation Rental Assistance Services,

you can help your employees find new home nirvana. Your dedicated Plus team connects you with the most qualified agents and rental assistance partners in our service community. Together with your employees, we work within your policy, we educate about the local economy and the housing or rental market, and we set realistic expectations.

You’ll be able to offer them resources like online toolkits and options for home finding trips, rental tours and lease negotiation services at the destination; language and cultural assistance; and area orientation and acclimation. And there’s more! With your go-ahead, through the online community within Elo for Employees, relocating employees and assignees can connect with other mobile employees within their new community or within the Plus database for up to a year after moving.

Working with Plus, you can make sure to keep the “sweet” in “home sweet home” for all of your relocating employees.

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