learning a new culture may seem like a Grand Adventure at first,

but as the move date draws near, it can also start to feel pretty scary. And, just because your star employee has the right skillset for a particular role doesn’t mean she also has a global mindset. With cultural services for relocating employees through Plus, you can create a way for your assignees and their families to understand and embrace cultural differences and lay the groundwork for a rewarding assignment, for both the employee and your company. Not to mention that cultural training can make better global leaders, too.

Since learning about a culture isn’t an exact science, you can provide a consistent cultural training program where and when it makes sense to do so, and situational training for special circumstances. That’s why we offer options in multiple languages and locations that create a holistic global talent training solution: our broad network of cultural training partners offers a range of services and training combinations.

you can start this service

as early as the candidate selection phase and continue through pre-departure and on-assignment stages, use it in combination with other assessments and tools, and even provide repatriation to the assignee and family. With cultural services through Plus, you can help your employees put the “grand” in their assignment adventure.

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