finding the right spot to call home within a new city can be overwhelming

to your employees, as they seek out the best places to buy or rent a home, enroll in schools, or shop for groceries. And missing the mark on a new neighborhood could lead to a stressed-out family who would rather be “back home.” Employees who feel like they made the best, informed choices are most likely to be happy in and out of work. Plus coordinates area orientation tours with our destination service partners to help your employees see, hear and learn everything they need to make sure their new stomping grounds are perfect for themselves and their family.

area orientation tours include an overview

of local housing and rental markets, shopping, banking, places of worship, childcare and much more. Tours are customized to meet the specific needs of your employee and their family. Our on-the-ground experts will also provide settling-in services to help your employee and their family acclimate to life in their new location.

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