selling a home can be nerve-racking for relocating employees,

and home sale programs can go a long way in easing and improving their overall experience. But different home sale programs can have drastically different impacts to both the employee and to you, especially when it comes to tax implications. We’re talking tens-of-thousands of impacts ($)!

Working with Plus’s corporate relocation Tax-sheltered Home Sale Programs, you can save significant dollars for your organization while simultaneously ensuring your employees get the most money for their homes. We’ll make certain that when the home sale benefit is applied, it’s not considered taxable income to your employee. There’s no need for grossing up, and you and your employee see the savings.

we offer two tax-sheltered home sale programs:

a Buyer Value Option (BVO) and a Guaranteed Buyout (GBO). We’ll also give your program a full review, evaluating and implementing marketing strategies for the best approach, all the way to managing the closing process. More than 80% of the time, we sell the home before our clients must purchase the property in a buy-out program.

With Plus’s Tax-sheltered Home Sale Programs, you’ll provide your employees with significant tax savings and minimize the stress of selling their home. And you’ll be saving your company a bunch of cash, too.

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