goods and services differentials are used to adjust employee salaries

to account for cost of living differences between the host city and home city. Getting the information you need to calculate these relocation cost of living adjustments (COLAs) can be a lot of work, especially since they need to be updated on a regular basis.

what if you could entrust your COLAs to a skilled co-pilot,

feeling confident about their trajectory without all the hands-on work? You can! Plus provides data and an expert partner to explain differentials in costs for goods and services and assigns costs, with comparisons for different cities and assignment patterns.

Your policy can be developed so that the COLA is integrated, and currency exchange rates and inflation are factored in, with updates provided up to four times a year. Once we work with you to set up the COLA program, we’ll manage it for you, so any adjustments in COLA payments authorized by you are communicated to the employee, based on your preferences for employee contact, reporting and approvals.

having Plus as your COLA co-pilot means that you’ll save time,

have one point of contact for you and your employees, receive seamless reporting and ensure proper coding for tax compliance purposes.

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